5 Questions

Do you know what to ask your therapist? 5 things you should know before choosing a therapy practice.


1. Do you provide a tailored plan of therapy that is specific to each client?

Answer:  Yes! We believe that every client has different needs and requires a tailored, individualized plan of care.


2. Will my loved one have a steady, familiar therapist?

Answer:  Yes! Our philosophy is to provide one therapist per client to ensure consistency throughout their therapy journey.


3. Do you offer related services?

Answer:  Yes!  We believe in maximizing potential through a holistic approach.


4. Do you provide additional resources for family and caregivers?

Answer:  Yes! We will provide guidance and information to caregivers throughout the therapy process.  We will also be hosting educational forums and support groups for our clients and their families.


5. Do your therapists educate themselves on new techniques for evidence based practice?

Answer:  Yes! Our therapists regularly participate in continuing education courses and consult the latest literature to ensure best practices for our clients.